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FFG (Mauritius) Ltd is a management company incorporated in the Republic of Mauritius and is duly licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) to provide services to corporations, funds, trusts and individuals.

FFG (Mauritius) Ltd is made up of a team of corporate, legal, financial, accounting and banking experts who will provide the best tailored and strategic business solution to help individuals, trusts and corporations to take their businesses and investments to the next level.

We are part of FFG Group of companies.

The Group

FFG strives to meet the diverse needs of our clients and to create trust through superior services and drawing on the full range of our capabilities. FFG offers all the financial services needed by clients as they participate in an economy driven modern society. The Group strives to ensure that its services are continually adjusted and updated so that they always meet the needs of both private individuals and companies.


To create a prosperous business environment for all our clients, staff and product providers based on sound business principles and ethics.

Mission Statement

Empowering people to deliver exceptional growth, through innovative financial solutions, targeting an expanding client base.

Meet Our Mauritius Team

Herman Klopper

CEO - FFG Group of Companies

herman klopper

Kevin Bhagmal

Managing Director of FFG (Mauritius) Ltd

Kevin Bhagmal

Sandeep Fakun

Independent Director (Non Executive)


Houmesh Avala-Gurriah

Compliance Officer of FFG (Mauritius) Ltd

Houmesh Avala-Gurriah

Jhullika Persun-Gajudhur

Chartered Secretary


Michael Calvin Bell



Meet Our South Africa Team

Christiaan Wessels

Financial Advisor CFP® Professional