FFG Mauritius
FFG Mauritius
FFG (Mauritius) Ltd is an Offshore Management Company licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius, to provide inter-alia, incorporation, trusteeship, and administration services.

Who should invest in Mauritius?

If you hold business interests outside the borders, you should consider using a Global Business Company, which will be tax resident in Mauritius. Business interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Importing/exporting of goods.
  • Rendering services and/or earning an income outside the borders of RSA.
  • If you are looking to purchase property outside the borders of RSA or make an offshore investment, a Mauritian Trust will offer you many tax and estate planning advantages.

If you are looking at gaining residency in another country Mauritius should be top consideration as they have a favorable immigration policy and many investment and employment schemes through which residency can be obtained.

Why Invest in Mauritius?

At FFG, we constantly look for new business and investment opportunities that can create genuine wealth for our clients. This was our rationale behind the establishment of FFG Mauritius in 2019.

When considering offshore opportunities, we naturally assessed several options, but only Mauritius ticked all the most important boxes: quality of life, political and social stability, and a dynamic, diverse, and growing economy.

Mauritius has established itself as a trusted and secure international financial center for investment in the emerging markets of Africa and Asia.

Not only is Mauritius a well-regulated financial center, but it also has no exchange controls and an attractive tax regime:

  • Tax-free dividends
  • No Capital Gains Tax
  • Income tax, fixed at 15%
  • Corporate Tax (domestic company) fixed at 15%
  • Corp Tax for GBC is 15% . – * May qualify for an 80% exemption in relation to certain specified foreign-source income and the maximum effective tax rate is 3% for these specific income streams; otherwise, the tax rate is 15%.

*Subject to substance requirements and depending on the business activity.

What is our expertise?


Offshore company formations, administration, trusteeship services.


Assisting Individual, corporate, and institutional clients in protecting and maximizing their assets while reducing costs in so doing.


In-depth knowledge of the operational framework and close working relationship with local Authorities and Agencies allow for fast and efficient service to our clients.

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